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Salon Biology
Non Toxic Salon in Westwood, CA

About Salon Biology


Welcome to our non-toxic salon in Westwood, where we prioritize your beauty and well-being without compromising on your health. Our mission is to provide a space where you can feel and look beautiful, all while avoiding the use of harsh chemicals.

At our salon, we are committed to using only non-toxic products that are gentle on your hair and skin. We believe that beauty should not come at the expense of your health, which is why we have carefully curated a range of natural and organic alternatives that deliver exceptional results.

Our team of skilled stylists and technicians are trained in the latest non-toxic techniques and methods, ensuring that you receive the highest quality service without any harmful ingredients. From hair coloring to treatments, we offer a wide range of services that prioritize your health and well-being.

Experience the difference of our non-toxic salon and discover a new level of beauty that is safe, sustainable, and truly transformative. Book your appointment today and let us help you achieve your desired look while keeping your health a top priority.

Welcome to a salon where beauty and wellness go hand in hand.

About The Owner

Golnaz Avjou

Golnaz Avjou is a dedicated and passionate stylist who has nurtured her love for hair, makeup, art and fashion since her early childhood. Originally obtaining her certificate and diploma in hair and makeup from Toronto, Canada, Golnaz embarked on a journey that would shape her career. During her training, she had the privilege of working alongside renowned celebrity stylists and platform artists, refining her skills and gaining invaluable experience.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Golnaz was inspired to make a significant impact in the beauty industry. Motivated by a personal tragedy, where someone dear to her battled cancer and eventually passed away. Determined to create a safe and healthy environment for clients, Golnaz embarked on the mission to establish her own non-toxic salon.

Driven by her unwavering passion for hair, makeup, and brows, Golnaz strives to make a difference in the beauty industry. She takes immense pride in being a pioneer of non-toxic salons and hopes to inspire other establishments to adopt this approach. Golnaz's commitment to providing exceptional services and excellent customer service while prioritizing the well-being of her clients sets her apart in the industry. 

Golnaz is passionate about working with stylists who share her love for the industry and are dedicated to their craft. She values hiring individuals who are not only highly talented but also have a strong desire to learn and grow. Golnaz welcomes stylists who have recently graduated from school and are eager to gain experience, as well as those who are already highly skilled.

Her belief in providing every stylist with a peaceful, clean, and healthy environment is of utmost importance Golnaz also believes in giving back to the community and has used her salon to provide complimentary services for individuals facing health challenges, including those affected by cancer and other illnesses. She also supports cancer research by donating $1 from each product sale of her upcoming non-toxic hair growth and grey reverse product line called Avjou Researché set to launch at the end of 2023.

Welcome to the world of Golnaz Avjou, where passion, talent, love for the community, and a commitment to non-toxic beauty come together to create extraordinary results. Discover the difference of a non-toxic salon experience and join Golnaz on her mission to revolutionize the beauty industry.

Salon Biology was established in 2016.

Health • Peace • Love • Happiness

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